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Wendy Chamberlain MP's letter to Minister for Asia on Afghan Deportations from Pakistan

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hazaras supports the letter from Wendy Chamberlain Member of Parliament for North East Fife and Chair of the APPG for Afghan Women and Girls, has today written to The Minister of State for the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Commonwealth and United Nations at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office; Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon, regarding the urgent issue of repatriation of Afghans from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

In her letter Wendy expresses her concern about the Government of Pakistan's decision to repatriate Afghans without documentation and the potential impact this could have on individuals seeking resettlement or reunification, especially those who may be eligible to settle in the United Kingdom.

Chamberlain highlights the importance of ensuring that all eligible individuals are given the opportunity to register themselves as legally in Pakistan and calls for action to prevent the repatriation of Afghans who have the possibility of settling in the UK. She urges Lord Ahmad to continue engaging with Pakistani officials and work with foreign allies to halt these repatriations.

Furthermore, she stresses the need for swift processing of resettlement applications for Afghans in Pakistan and the opening of additional resettlement routes. Chamberlain concludes the letter by stating that she will share a copy of this correspondence with other interested parliamentarians and stakeholders within and outside of the APPG.

The Secretariat of the APPG Hazaras stresses the need for the UK to work with its international counterparts in Pakistan and elsewhere to halt these deportations which will put many lives at risk, if carried out, with credible threats against Hazaras and other Afghans who return to the country.

Letter for the urgent attention of Lord Ahmad
Download PDF • 545KB

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